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  The founder of Vertical, Mr. Iwan Fandra was born in Medan, Indonesia and graduated from Taichung University – Taiwan in 1999. He started his carrier in China (January 2000) in Die Casting Parts Processing Factory (Taiwanese Investor) at Dongguan City ( China ) until June 2005.

  With his background as a citizen of Indonesia who live in China, Mr. Fandra noticed the prospect of making a trading business from China and Indonesia. On July 2005, Mr. Fandra made a cooperation with UIS company in USA ( Mr. David Acor ) and do sourcing and trading from China to Indonesia and USA. The main business were plastic scraps, recycling of plastic pellet, high quality UIS brand of wheelbarrow’s tube and tire and also standard/non-standard plastic injection mold’s spare part.....more

Later in the year of 2000, by the advice of Mr David Acor, Mr. Fandra has registered his Vertical China company. Why choose the name of Vertical? It was because the business is sourcing and trading between China and Indonesia ( if we see the map of the world it is from north to south which called vertical ). * Vertical name is dedicated to Mr David Acor *

And in the next year, on August 2011, Green Century company was establish at Medan, and this company is dealing with exporting agricultural yield from Indonesia to China, and one of the commodity is palm kernel shell.

In pararel with the industrial growth in Indonesia, In January of 2012 Mr. Fandra make a cooperation with Plastic Injection Mold factory in Dongguan and do the molding business to Indonesia market and focused in this business up to this moment. And in the next 3 years (2015) the business was expanded to press stamping and die-casting dies field.

The principal and main point of Vertical China for mold and dies are 4Best : BEST MATERIAL + BEST DESIGN + BEST COMMUNICATION + BEST AFTER SERVICE = BEST MOULD/DIE & PRODUCT.

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